Author: Felix Metz | Donnerstag, 4. Juli 2024
Category: Inside UDG


On 04.07.2024 we celebrate the fourth PRIDE DAY GERMANY. Our team is committed to the principles of diversity, equality and inclusion. Together, we set a strong example for acceptance and cohesion and proudly stand behind the LGBTQIA+ community. Through innovative projects and continuous commitment, we not only want to create awareness, but also actively contribute to change and support. Let's work together to create a place where everyone feels safe, respected and valued.


The best time to stand up for diversity and human rights is now.

Everyone should have the freedom to live their life in their own way, and it is no one's business to deny them this right.

Michael, Quality Assurance Engineer

In my many years at UDG, I have not only found my own identity, but also received a lot of support from my colleagues.

I am part of an intersectional working group at UDG in which we ensure more visibility for marginalized people inside and outside the company. Visibility and communication are the best ways to achieve greater acceptance and tolerance. For a diverse community!

I am here, I am queer.

Steph, Software Developer

Companies that are diversified are more successful.

This is the result of a Forbes study and reflects my personal experience. Diversity is not an end in itself - on the contrary: at UDG, we fill our teams regardless of gender, origin, sexual orientation, etc. We simply bring together the best in their respective disciplines. We simply bring together the best in their respective disciplines. 

Benjamin, Client Lead

It is of great importance not only to accept variety and diversity but also to recognize and embrace them.

Whether it's cultural differences, neurodivergent perspectives, queer identities or people with disabilities - at the end of the day, this diversity enriches our society in indispensable ways. Diversity can also make economic sense. Numerous studies show that diverse teams are often more creative and innovative and ultimately achieve better economic results. As a Mexican woman in a male-dominated industry, I feel proud to be part of UDG.

Adriana, Software Developer

Dance sports is a wonderful way to experience and celebrate cultural diversity.

This brings together people from different origins, age groups and backgrounds. The variety of dance styles and techniques offers everyone the opportunity to find their own expression. Dance promotes diversity, physical fitness, self-confidence and social interaction. Dance provides space for personal development. And just as with my beloved hobby, we encourage our employees in technique, creative work and social interaction. Diverse, individual and sustainable. We offer space for development regardless of orientation and lifestyle. With us, people can express their emotions and get involved in processes in a creative way, not least by taking a salsa course.

Stefan, Commercial Manager

Especially against the backdrop of growing authoritarian populism, I think it is important to set an example against this. That's why I regularly take to the streets.

It is human to be afraid of the unknown. That's why we need more visibility for people with disabilities, people of different faiths, sexual or gender orientations, or origins. We need to reduce our fear of contact instead of looking for new scapegoats. Seeing each other, listening to each other, and discussing and arguing with each other can help to ensure that people who deviate from the supposed norm are at least tolerated and at best respected. It's great when companies like PIA UDG are also committed to this.

Annette, UX Lead

Every day, we work to improve, optimize and develop the (end) customer experience at our customers' digital touchpoints worldwide.

It goes without saying that tolerance, empathy and sensitivity are required in our professional environment. This is exactly how I experience my colleagues at UDG at all times: open-minded and without borders or barriers in my head. The fact that our team is international, diverse and very varied and that we treat each other with tolerance and consideration feels as it should: Natural and enriching.

Jörg, Commercial Lead

Diversity is the most important ingredient in the team cocktail. 

So - how do you be a good ally? 

As UX professionals, we know the answer: 

Listen and learn. Take a step back and be visible in your support. Make your support count beyond rainbow colored statements. And when your workplace has an intersectional task force, be on it.

Susu, UX Lead

After I added the LGBTQIA+ support tag to my channel, I immediately became a target of the NWO.

Among other attacks, I was swatted about 10 times in a row. This shows how deep the hatred and rejection go, and it is still right and important for those affected to recognize this. I knew that I was already making myself a target with such a small gesture, but I am also happy to have been a shield for the community. 

Pascal, Special Software Developer

With diversity comes shared success, professionally and personally.

For me, diversity means recognizing and appreciating the differences that each individual brings to the table. Diversity is not only an economic success factor but also always a personal gain. That's why I stand for an inclusive environment in which everyone has the opportunity to be authentic and develop their full potential. Diversity needs even more solidarity and visibility to emphasize its importance and we can all play a part in this.

Helen, HR Business Partner

Diversity means not judging other perspectives, but approaching them with an open mind. It is not a question of necessarily adopting other perspectives, but of showing them maximum respect and tolerance.

This is the only way we can learn together and grow as individuals. Tolerance ends where intolerance is the driving force - unfortunately, however, this is growing again across the country and even internationally. It is therefore important to set an example for our fellow human beings who are discriminated against and need our support as a society!

Frank, Director CRO

In my opinion, the true strength of our society lies in the diversity of people.

Unfortunately, we often only become aware of our privileged lives when we see our free values ​​threatened. Populism, xenophobia and outdated views are taking up more and more space and displacing our freedom. For me, freedom means tolerance, empathy and respect for others. Accepting but also being accepted. Every person brings with them unique perspectives, experiences and skills, regardless of skin colour, origin or religion, that enrich, inspire and advance us. In a world shaped by differences, we find unity in diversity. Today it is even more important to preserve diversity and enjoy life together.

Julian, Content Manager

Let´s be loud & clear- or as my grandma used to say “You need to let people know where you stand so they don´t need to assume.”

Our society is diverse & colorful and for me acceptance & tolerance are simply fundamental to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable in the workspace & everywhere else. How we want to live this live is individual to everybody – so let´s ensure that our impact on this world will be a positive & encouraging one. I am happy to be a part of a company that highlights the importance of this topic and that sets a statement about how important the acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community is.

Alina, Project Controlling

How colorful is your bouquet?

As an information architect, I organize all kinds of things every day. My brain searches for structures, drawers, labels, categories, links and dependencies all by itself, regardless of whether it's about physical things, immaterial concepts or people, whether it's professional or personal issues. This may sound narrow-minded at first and not at all open to diversity, this pigeonhole thinking. And yet it shows me every day that absolutely nothing and no one can be pigeonholed into just one category, everything and everyone has a whole bouquet of labels in the most diverse categories. And it shows me that a huge, diverse bouquet of wildflowers is infinitely more inspiring than a handful of uniform roses!

Lena, UX Information Architect