Playfully to the solution of your challenge


A moderated, co-creative process to develop innovative strategies and ideas for complex questions.

Whether it's product development, team building, or ecosystem analysis, our certified moderators guide your team to the desired outcome in effective workshop formats.

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Modern playfulness Method

For which topics is LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® suitable?

The method is generally suitable for addressing any complex issue where a team is involved:

  • Developing a shared product vision (co-creative development of features, refining priorities)

  • Developing a shared team vision (uniting behind a common "direction"; deriving guiding principles for collaboration)

  • Strategy development and prototyping of possible future scenarios to sharpen product visions (What future risks & opportunities can we prepare for today?)

If you want to address an unresolved issue with your team but are unsure if and how LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® can help, our facilitators can assist you effortlessly.

Start your individual solution finding

Why you should use this innovative method.

"The best insights arise from doing, not from talking"

In our LEGO® workshops, your team continuously works on the goal image instead of just discussing - following the principle of 'show, don't tell'. The co-creative process allows for envisioning and exploring solutions.

A secure framework through playful engagement

Anyone can build with LEGO® or quickly learn it intuitively. No artistic talent is needed for our workshops! The playful methodology allows for the inclusion of different perspectives from everyone on an equal footing, regardless of hierarchy and areas of expertise.

100% participation and utilization of tacit knowledge

"The LEGO® Serious Play method enables the participation of all participants for 100% of the time. It draws on insights from the fields of systems theory, learning theory, and organizational development. Working with hands reveals deeply embedded implicit knowledge."

Our Workshop Packages

We are happy to develop a customized workshop design for you. The timeframe of a workshop depends on your specific tasks and your team's experience with co-creative work or the topic to be addressed. The following guidelines are advisable based on our experience for a workshop with a group of 5-8 participants:

"Introductory Session": approximately 2 hours

Team/Product Vision: approximately 4-6 hours

Strategy Development including Future Scenarios: 1-2 days

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