Working smarter, more efficiently, and with future-readiness.

TYPO3 - not just a technical choice but a strategic decision.

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Did you know that...

  • Typo3 is more than just technical excellence?

    It’s also a strategic decision: Choose a globally successful Content Management System that has been valued for its consistent development for over two decades. It’s designed to assist companies and institutions in working smarter, more efficiently, and with future-readiness. It's worth taking a closer look and exploring how TYPO3 can lead your agency into the next era of digitization. Let’s talk about your ambitions!

  • TYPO3 is the perfect standard for government agencies, cities, and municipalities?

    It excels in data protection and data security, automated solutions, diverse extensions, maximum flexibility - and much more. TYPO3 evolves with your demands and challenges.

  • We at PIA UDG have been actively accompanying this development since 2004?

    We are Gold Members of the TYPO3 Association. In simpler terms: We consult, design, develop, host, and maintain your projects. You work with a team specifically assembled for you and, in addition to our expertise, receive a tailor-made solution from a single source. This makes your project cost-efficient and transparently planned.

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TYPO3 - Ihr Projekt.

Security, privacy and performance

TYPO3 offers a CMS that can scale with your operations while delivering highest standards for your business.

Enterprise-ready and start-up friendly

Whether for enterprises or small non-profits: TYPO3 offers leading security and compliance features.

No matter what size

Typo3 stays reliable, with fast performane, comliant software, and strong security, regardless of company size.

Salted-Passwords-Module, MVC-Framework, Extension Repository?

Do you find this sounds complicated?

It's not uncommon for executives in government agencies to come across technical terms that seem cryptic. However, in a digital age where technology plays a pivotal role in administration, public service, and efficiency of processes, it's imperative to have at least a basic understanding of the technologies that power our digital services. We're here to clarify and take a holistic look at the widely-used CMS, TYPO3.

TYPO3 is more than just another Content Management System (CMS). It's a powerful platform that has been consistently developed for over two decades and is used by numerous agencies and organizations worldwide. But what makes TYPO3 stand out? And why should executives in government agencies be particularly interested?

First, a brief look at the cryptic technical terms, behind which, however, lie specific benefits for you:

Regarding the Salted-Passwords-Module: Data privacy and security are more crucial now than ever. The Salted-Passwords-Module ensures that user passwords are securely stored by adding an additional random "salt." This makes them extremely hard to decrypt, safeguarding the data of your citizens and staff.

TYPO 3 image
TYPO 3 image

The MVC-Framework, or Model-View-Controller Framework: It’s an approach to structuring software into three interconnected components. This not only facilitates development and maintenance but also promotes scalability and flexibility of web applications. For a government agency, this translates into a future-proof investment in a platform that can evolve with growing demands and changes.

The Extension Repository: In simpler terms, is a library of extensions developed by the global TYPO3 community. Think of it as an app store where you can find functionalities and tools tailored specifically to the needs of your agency. It allows for quick customization and extension of your digital services without the need to reinvent the wheel.

This is just a fraction of the technical scope that underpins the powerful CMS.

Beyond these technical details, TYPO3 offers a platform that can significantly support the digitization of agency and company processes. It enables centralized content management, seamless integration with other systems, and offers automation capabilities that can enhance efficiency and increase citizen satisfaction.

It's not just a technical choice but a strategic decision that can shape the digital trajectory of your agency or company for years to come.

Our Expertise.

Delight your visitors and customers with PIA UDG.

With PIA UDG as a multi-certified and official TYPO3 Solution Partner, you receive a future-proof implementation of your customised solution as well as the best possible advice to drive your digital vision forward. We accompany the project from strategic and technical consulting to the design of a barrier-free, customer-centred user interface through to technical implementation.

For TYPO3 CMS, we also place great emphasis on an intuitive and user-friendly interface for editors, ensuring that your content can always be kept up-to-date and easily delivered to visitors and customers. In addition to editorial and train-the-trainer training, we also provide an extended team to assist with migration, setup, and content maintenance.

Let’s convince your customers and visitors together. With a great user experience at your digital touchpoints!

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PIA UDG is a Gold Member of the TYPO3 Association

PIA UDG has been an active member of the TYPO3 Association since 2004 and has thus been accompanying the development of the content management system for many years. Our certified employees are experienced both in consulting and in the conception of a modern user experience (design) as well as in the technical development of projects at enterprise level.

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What we have achieved with TYPO3 & Shopware 6 in combination: Development of a company-wide solution to enable brands to implement a consistent concept for online presence and shops.