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The Headless CMS for maximum flexibility

Storyblok is an innovative and multi-award winning headless content management system that empowers both developers and content teams to create better customer experiences across all digital channels. The solution seamlessly integrate and publish your brand communications and services across multiple platforms and touchpoints. Benefit from a modern, native cloud environment to scale your digital channels quickly, efficiently and globally.

With Storyblok, we offer customised solutions to optimally implement your digital requirements.

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Collaboration made easy: Comment, discuss and share feedback

Storyblok's Visual Editor enables you to create content visually in real time - create, edit and publish content without any interruption. Content creators, marketing teams and editors can track changes in real time and see different views, all without leaving the application. External stakeholders have access to a publicly available preview link. Collaboration is made easy - leave comments, discuss ideas and share feedback. Accelerate publishing with advanced collaborative workflows, commenting features and content staging. Storyblok's integrated version history also allows you to go back to previous versions of your content and undo changes. With the help of "Activity Logging", you have a transparent overview of all activities within the CMS.

Storyblok Visual Editor with Collaboration-Workflows

Maximum efficiency with advanced functions

Optimise your content development with Storyblok's advanced workflow features, such as integrated process approvals like content reviews and provide secure organisation of content creation processes with configurable pipelines and automatic scheduling of releases. The workflow functions in Storyblok's Visual Editor offer the opportunity to shape collaboration by creating specific roles and responsibilities. Customised user groups allow you to tailor workflows to necessary requirements. The individually definable content authorisations allow precise control of access, for example to protect sensitive content. 

Storyblok Visual Editor with personalized dashboard

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Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Storyblok includes its own user-friendly DAM to enable you to perfectly manage and distribute your marketing resources. Centralise and manage your assets easily with the help of folder structures and advanced search functions. Keep track of where your assets are being used thanks to active reference tracking. With the integrated "Image Service" you can optimise required images directly in the application - simply scale, cut or set a focus point without additional applications.

Storyblok Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Search Engine Optimization

Storyblok effectively supports SEO strategies, especially as part of an omnichannel approach. Add metadata to your pages with the SEO plugin and get a preview of Google search results. The "Image Service" improves the speed & performance of your website and boosts your SEO rating.

Web Accessibility

"Web accessibility is crucial to comply with legal requirements and to reach all user groups without restrictions. Storyblok provides tools to successfully enable your team to achieve "accessibility" according to the "WCAG Accessibility Standards" right from the start.


Storyblok offers various options for implementing your international strategy. Use translatable content types, customised fallback languages and publish translated content flexibly, whether per content page, content type or on a folder basis. The powerful Storyblok API makes it easy to integrate market-leading translation tools such as "Google Translate" or "DeepL" into the CMS to support your editors with internationalisation.

Storyblok Content-Workflow

Multichannel Integration

With the rapidly growing e-commerce market, expectations for good processes and an excellent customer experience are increasing. More and more e-commerce providers such as Shopware or Shopify Plus are therefore offering a headless approach, where the data and resources of the e-commerce system are accessed via a front-end interface (API). With Storyblok's e-commerce integration, you can easily create powerful and flexible storefronts using your preferred technology - whether for a website, mobile app or POS display. Storyblok's API-driven, headless technology works with almost any front-end, framework or third-party solution. This gives you complete freedom to choose the best options for your project.

Storyblok - Multichannel E-Commerce Integrations

PIA UDG is certified Storyblok Solution Partner since 2022

As a certified Storyblok Solution Partner, PIA UDG is an expert in the field of headless, cloud architecture and SaaS solutions. With extensive experience, we not only offer a sophisticated customer & user experience, but also professional services for software development and system integration from a single source.

Our goal is to offer customized solutions to optimally implement your digital requirements.

PIA UDG - Certified Storyblok Solution Partner

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