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Professional Brand Management with Frontify

PIA UDG – Brand Management with Frontify

All-in-one Brand Management from design to sales: with our solution partner Frontify, we develop a central, cloud-based portal for your corporate brands that is completely tailored to your needs. From brand guidelines and documentation structures to collaboration processes, we will find the right solution. PIA UDG offers you award-winning expertise in the development of brand management, digital asset and design systems.

Together, we will create a Digital Brand Management System for your brand that is one thing most importantly: Simple!

Brand Management & Design System: Single Source of Truth for your Brand

Frontify – Were Brands Live!

Professional Brand Management is the smart home for all digital resources and creates clarity and consistency across every channel. Combined and managed on a single platform, asset libraries, for example, create up-to-date and consistent content for your design team, agencies and freelancers. The design system of the future is a "living system guide" that evolves dynamically with your brand and makes it possible to continuously maintain and improve product quality. Standardized communication between all trades and stakeholders, an increase in brand trust through a homogeneous UX and a faster time-to-market from idea to product - there are many good reasons for a smart design system with Frontify.

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We know from working with many clients that ensuring the consistency of a brand must be covered by a transparent Governance. Single-source-of-truth, efficient collaboration, Speed2Market and scalability without loss of quality of brand assets are key factors for a successful design system.

Components of the Frontify Brand Management Platform

Living Styleguide

  • Konsistenz

  • Documentation

  • Alignment

  • Governance

  • Single Source of Truth

Visual Design Language

  • UX/UI Guidelines

  • Components & Elements

  • Pattern Library

  • Design Principles

  • Dev Standards


  • Content-Strategy

  • Voice & Tone

  • Imagery

  • Corporate Identity

  • Corporate Design


  • Workflows

  • Collaboration

  • Digital Asset Management

  • Versioning & Rights Management

  • Distribution & Publishing

Frontify – The Brand Management Platform

Smooth collaboration with Frontify: Your benefits

Frontify - Collaboration and workflows

1. Create global workspaces that are as individual as your brand and your teams themselves: User, role and access management can be used to show and hide content for specific target groups. Information for target groups such as development and sales can thus be optimally controlled and redundancies efficiently avoided.

2. Thanks to collaboration via a central platform as a single source of truth, versioned PDFs that make the rounds via email distribution lists are avoided. The documentation and editing of assets and guidelines takes place in real time via the platform - just like the creation and distribution of design templates for your marketing.

3. Clear and emotional entry pages with the look and feel of your brand are particularly user-friendly. New employees on a project can navigate through the topics that are relevant to them in a time-saving and engaging way.

For your success:
The services of PIA UDG

We support and advise you across all digital touchpoints with our expertise in brand and user experience, brand management and strategy through to the creation of target group-specific content for your marketing. Together, we not only want to keep pace with you in terms of digitalization, we want to be one step ahead. We believe in long-term customer relationships - whether as a specialist for selected touchpoints in your brand management or as a digital lead agency.

Find out more about the possibilities of brand management with our solution partner Frontify here:

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PIA UDG Services for your individual Frontify project

Red Dot Design Award 2021

Bosch Digital Design System

PIA UDG together with Bosch.IO has won the Red Dot Design Award 2021 in the category "Brands & Communication Design". The new digital design system was developed with the idea of creating a seamless and consistent brand and user experience across all Bosch digital interfaces and devices - from a website, app to the digital interface of a household appliance. To help designers achieve this goal, the Design System bundles accessible style guides, templates, libraries, assets and icons for digital touchpoints. In addition, the design system includes more than 2.000 icons and 150 illustrations to do justice to the diversity of digital products and application scenarios.


Technology and service partnerships

With an analytical view on future-oriented technology and market developments, we evaluate innovations and continuously expand our strategic portfolio of trusting partnerships for our customers and ourselves.