Smart ´n´ Fit Weeks 2024

Author: | Montag, 10. Juni 2024
Category: Inside UDG

Strong together for Kinderkrebshilfe Mainz e.V.

Over the past 14 days, we have been able to collect incredible kilometers during our Smart 'n' Fit Weeks 2024 to support the children's cancer charity in Mainz. Our ambitious goal was to reach 6000 kilometers and thanks to the great effort of our team, we made it together!

Collect kilometers for a good cause

Whether on vacation in the mountains or on the beach, during a city break or from home our team has done a great job over the past two weeks. Every step, every run, every meter swum and every bike ride counted towards achieving our common goal. It was impressive to see how everyone got involved, whether in their free time or during lunch breaks and after work.

Inspiring contribution on climate change, rising food prices and diet-related diseases

A special highlight of our Smart 'n' Fit Weeks was the exciting lecture by nutritionist, immunologist and freelance journalist Saskia Meyer on May 16th 2024. Her topic “The future starts on the plate” showed us how important a healthy and sustainable diet is for our future. Her insights and tips were not only inspiring, but also motivating for our team.

Sport motivators and internal competition

Our sports motivators gave us extra motivation at each location to collect kilometers together. Thanks to their support and motivation, we were able to collect many additional kilometers in the last 14 days. Our internal competition for the sportiest location was particularly exciting. In recent years, Karlsruhe has always come out on top and this year, too, Karlsruhe dominated and secured victory!

Successful fundraising campaign

Thanks to the kilometers collected, we were able to donate 4000 € to the children's cancer charity in Mainz. We are very proud of our team and what we have achieved together. This donation will make an important contribution and we look forward to continuing to collect kilometers for this good cause in the coming years.

As a very active person who is up for any sport, I always enjoy taking on challenges. They are even more fun in a team! Whether together through the mud like at Toughmudder or collecting kilometers alone on the beach. The Smart 'n' Weeks are a great opportunity to be active alone or together and do something good at the same time.

Interview with Stephanie Fuchs

(Senior Software Developerin at UDG)

What has been your motivation over the last 14 days?

I look forward to these two weeks every year. On the one hand because of the good cause aspect, which motivates me even more to do another 200 meters. On the other hand, I love cycling and see it as motivation to jump on my bike when I don't feel like it. .

Have you set and achieved personal goals?

My personal goal since 2022 has been to reach at least 300 kilometers. I have achieved this goal with over 700 kilometers, even though I know that I could have done even more.

Have you noticed a change in yourself in the last few weeks?

Over the past few weeks, my goal has been to collect as many kilometers as possible for the Mainz site. Mentally, of course, you want to win the location challenge. Physically, it was otherwise very humane. I was able to keep to my limits from breaks.

Is there anything you would change next time?

Thanks to the lessons I learned in previous years, I was able to improve my performance in 2024. I like to take time off during the Smart 'n' Fit Weeks. This year, however, I only had one week off and will take more time off for myself and the challenge in the coming years.

What is your feedback on the Smart 'n' Fit Weeks 2024?

Due to my regular sport in everyday life, it was easy for me to collect many kilometers in one go this year. I was able to complete a few stages of over 100 kilometers. The toughest tour was even over 160 kilometers long. Of course, I am all the more proud of my success and the kilometers I collected during the Smart 'n' Fit Weeks 2024. I was able to exceed my goal from previous years and at the same time collect kilometers for the children's cancer charity in Mainz!

What would you like to give our readers?

Weather is a reason, but not an obstacle. Most of the time. You always have five minutes, which you can spend running, walking, cycling or swimming. This is also a learning on competitive sports. As long as you keep at it, it will work! However, it only works if you listen to your body - mentally and physically - because then it's a lot of fun.

Be more active!

Organization of Kinderkrebshilfe Mainz e.V.

Kinderkrebshilfe Mainz e.V. was founded in early 2009 by local pediatricians from the Center for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine at the Mainz University Medical Center and other Mainz university physicians and scientists from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Together with parent support groups and other non-profit associations and foundations, we are working towards a common goal:

The best possible treatment for children with cancer now and in the future!

Upcoming sporting events in 2024

We are already looking forward to more sporting events in 2024. In a few days' time, one of the four company runs will take place in which we will be participating again this year. Karlsruhe will kick things off on June 6th 2024, followed by company runs in Mainz, Hamburg and finally Ludwigsburg. We hope to see you there and will report on the events!


The Smart 'n' Fit Weeks 2024 were a complete success. Together, we not only reached our kilometer target, but also made an important contribution to the Children's Cancer Aid Mainz. We are looking forward to the next challenges and to staying fit together. Stay tuned and look forward to the upcoming events!

Thanks to our team

A big thank you goes to our athletic team.

Without your energetic commitment, we would never have been able to collect so many kilometers. We are very proud to be such a sporty and committed team and look forward to the coming months full of sporting challenges and joint successes.