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Work@UDG: Rebecca Mangaroo

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Author: Tanja Gabler | Montag, 20. Juni 2016
Category: Inside UDG

Affiliate Marketing from all perspectives

Rebecca Mangaroo knows Affiliate Marketing from scratch. As Team Lead at the London office of UDG United Digital Group, the 26 year old is looking after Virgin Atlantic Airways, one of the biggest clients of the digital agency in UK.

What does a typical day in the office look like?
Rebecca: You have to juggle a lot of things. I need to check everyone’s numbers are looking good in terms of revenue for our clients, I manage my team, look after my own account and help James who runs the UK office with any needs he may have.

How do you explain to your parents and grandparents what your job is?
Rebecca: Affiliate Marketing is difficult to explain. Normally I say I work for an agency and I deliver digital marketing service to big and small brands in retail, finance, travel.

How did you get to your current position?
Rebecca: I started on the brand side at Lowcostholidays as an excecutive, then I went to Ve Interactive, a publisher, and afterwards to Affiliate Window which is a network. In 2014 I came to UDG United Digital Group to expand my account managing skills to full potential. Last year in autumn I became Senior Account Manager and then in February Team Leader.

You know Affiliate Marketing from all perspectives. Which do you like the most?
Rebecca: Difficult to say. In an agency you learn the most, working for the brand you have a better view of the whole marketing and all different channels and you’re in control of everything.

What fascinates you most about working in the digital business?
Rebecca: Our business is ever changing, the internet is changing. We’ve come a long way and still carry on to learn new things. 

What do you like best about your job?
Rebecca: Affiliate Marketing comprises sales, managing of partnerships and technical aspects – and I like that. The best part is meeting the people, going to events, pitch ideas to our clients, working with the team sharing ideas and trying to get the best out of the business.

Are you „always on“ – or do you turn off you mobile?
Rebecca: Always on, since I took more responsibility. I’m a bit of an organized freak so I like to keep my inbox clean so I do tend to look at my emails a lot and clear them up.

This takes me to the next question: How do you keep a good work-life balance?
Rebecca: I go to the gym in my lunch break and it gives me energy. I’m the kind of person who needs to get up and move and do something. On weekends I socialize with friends, exercise and I love to bake cakes and biscuits. Then I go to the gym and work it off.

If someone feels like joining the UDG in Affiliate Marketing – what skills does she or he need?
Rebecca: Organisation skills are really key because you’re managing different account with different size and different needs. Being able to build relationships is crutial, too. You need good at getting the best for your clients with a positive attitude.

UDG United Digital Group was shortlisted as “Best Agency” at the Performance Marketing Awards 2016.