UDG London discuss affiliate data on panel at IAB Event on 8th May 2014

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Author: Guest Author | Freitag, 6. Mai 2016
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In 2013, the Performance Marketing industry generated 10% of UK retail ecommerce across 12,000 active publishers for 4,000 Advertisers.

The recent PWC/IAB Online Performance Marketing Study demonstrated the size of the UK performance marketing channel with clear stats such as:

  • Advertisers spent £1 billion in Performance Marketing last year, up 15% on 2012

  • The Performance Marketing industry as a whole generated £14bn in sales in 2013, giving a return of £14 for every £1 spent

UDG London, the UK office of UDG United Digital Group, have been working with the IAB UK and Tradedoubler to produce the IAB’s first white paper exploring ‘The Value Of Affiliate Data’.
The paper itself is scheduled for release in June 2014 and aimed primarily at advertisers and potential advertisers who are looking at the channel but may not have yet fully realised the potential of the data that is collected and how it can be used effectively.
The output of the project will be a detailed white paper that looks at the affiliate space in the UK and evaluates 3 key areas:

  • How affiliate data is collected across the industry from a range of sources (advertisers, publishers, agencies and networks)

  • How the data collected is currently being used to aid and develop sales strategies throughout the sales process

  • The future of affiliate data and how data can be used to improve customer journeys, provide unique consumer insights, assist with engagement and aid advertisers transitioning to an omni-channel marketing strategy

In the lead up to the release of the white paper, the IAB will be hosting the ‘Accelerate your performance’ seminar at the UK head office in Covent Garden on 8th May 2014.
A key part of the event will be a panel discussion with a hand selected team including UDG London UK Director Jules Bazley and other experts from UK brands including OMG, Nectar, Affilinet and Tradedoubler.
The panel will discuss and give insights in to areas such as:

  • How data can be used to influence targeting and the optimisation of content and calls to action across all relevant customer touch points to drive stronger ROI’s?

  • How performance marketing fits into advertiser sales funnels and how can we use data to influence increased ROI’s?

What do you see as the biggest challenges around unlocking the value of performance marketing data, and what do you want the future to look like?

If you are interested in attending the event and hearing the panel discussion first hand, you can register here.

To find out more about affiliate data and how you can use data to develop your marketing strategies and improve returns across your business, please contact: