SEO for Amazon

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Author: Paul Niemeyer | Mittwoch, 3. Januar 2018
Category: Performance

Competition is increasing 

Good rankings are the key to success on Amazon. This is because people only buy products they can see. However, optimal rankings call for a structured approach and substantial experience. Professional Amazon search engine optimization presents all relevant product features optimally for search machines engines and users alike.

The more the better: What was once considered essential is now considered obsolete. Keyword stuffing is now taboo, not just on Google, but on Amazon too. This is why the same keywords should not be used too frequently and why relevance should not be watered down with too many keywords. Moreover, it is not possible to meet customers’ expectations without concise, attractively formulated product features. The benefit of keyword research in the Amazon SEO optimization process is therefore twofold: on the one hand, it meets users’ search intentions while, on the other hand, a good product landing page increases the conversion rate. This twofold benefit cannot be reliably achieved by Amazon SEA or product management without SEO.

But carrying out SEO does not mean that companies should save themselves the SEA. To achieve maximum impact, both instruments should be united in one strategy, because Amazon SEO profits from the sales figures of Amazon SEA. Product reviews and the ability to deliver immediately are also very important for rankings.

What does the future hold? Competitive pressure among providers on Amazon will continue to increase. Continuously adjusting optimization strategies to meet the permanently changing Amazon ecosystem will therefore be even more important in the future than it is today. This will also include making increasingly detailed adjustments to success factors, as subtleties are decided via placement. Complementary integration with Amazon paid media will also become more important as a marketing strategy, and targeting and advertising opportunities will reach the same level as Google.

Mobile and customized optimization is the challenge of the near future. If voice search via Alexa catches on, it will have a considerable impact on Amazon SEO in the years to come. So, retailers and vendors need to get used to increasing complexity.

Would you like more information? A more extensive version of this article was published in the book “Performance Marketing” by Daniel Schetter and Ingo Kamps.