Authentic stories about the Porsche 911

Modern Porsche 911 and an old Porsche 911 as it's water reflection
Author: Lisa Berberich | Dienstag, 12. Februar 2019
Category: Experience

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Everybody recognizes it: The Porsche 911 is an icon. The sports car has been travelling into the future since 1963 – and sometimes back into its evocative past. The only thing it has never done is stand still. A campaign titled “The new 911. Timeless Machine” allows fans to share their experiences with their 911. You tale will join the largest collection of authentic Porsche 911 stories.

Three hero stories are the inspiration for the campaign, and form its core. The photographer Bart Kuykens, the Porsche collector Susan Andreae Abegglen and the stunt driver Sera Trimble relate what their 911 means to them. The videos emphasize the sports car’s core values, design, heritage and performance – and offer a glimpse into the three Porsche owners' personal relationships with their 911, from their first encounter to their lives together.

The scenes that feature, and offer information about, the new model in the 992 series, which went on sale in January 2019, are a particular highlight.

The goal of the global campaign is to highlight individual examples that demonstrate the timeless fascination that the Porsche 911 inspires. That is why Porsche fans are invited to tell a story about themselves and their 911, and upload images and videos to the campaign microsite. André, who sees his 911 again after a long separation, Manuel, who is as old as the 911, and Paul, who has customized his GT3, are examples. Users can filter submissions by 911 generation, language and location.

The campaign will be supported by social media measures including advertising and Instagram stories, as well as promotions on Porsche’s own channels. UDG United Digital Group is responsible for the campaign’s concept and implementation.