The Value of Affiliate Data

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Author: Martina Heiland | Freitag, 10. Oktober 2014
Category: Technology

Successfully establishing new business models and added-value chains in affiliate marketing with data driven marketing

The UDG United Digital Group in London has developed a more detailed Whitepaper on “The Value of Affiliate Data” in cooperation with Tradedoubler and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). The IAB White Paper is the first of its kind and contains insights from top publishers like Quidco, and leading advertisers and brands such as Virgin Atlantic Airways and Morrison’s.

The Paper focuses on the appropriate collection and use of data. The effective data driven marketing must include all online marketing channels and affiliate marketing also offers comprehensive and valuable data, making it possible to better and more efficiently use budgets. For this reason, new, successful business models and added-value chains will arise in affiliate marketing in the future in relation to data driven marketing. This makes it even more important to see digital communication as an integrated marketing and sales instrument and be precisely aware of the interdependencies.
The whitepaper can be downloaded under the following link:
The Value of Affiliate Data – White Paper

The document was produced for the IAB Affiliate Marketing Council by Jules Bazley, Director of UDG London, and David Ayre, Account Director for Tradedoubler. UDG London is an active member of the IAB Affiliate Marketing Council. In the whitepaper, the authors expand on the article that appeared in “The Big Affiliate Marketing Handbook.”