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Seven tools for better UX

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9 Juli 2018 | | No Comments

Which tools do UX designers really need to get to know their users better and comply with accessibility standards?

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München Messe IFAT

Creating encounters with augmented reality

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20 Juni 2018 | | No Comments

What is the best way to present complex products at a trade fair? With augmented reality. The pump and valve manufacturer KSB’s presence at IFAT is a prime example.

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Moving towards the cloud

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14 Juni 2018 | | No Comments

With cloud computing, companies can order IT resources such as storage, computing or user software as a service. But outsourcing isn’t always a good idea.

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Christoph Kilian und Marcus Starke eröffnen das Digital Experience Forum

Services and emotions, not appliances

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14 Mai 2018 | | No Comments

Why is digitalization particularly difficult for German companies? What role do new technologies play in the customer journey? And what can companies learn from rebels?

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Influencer Marketing 2018

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17 April 2018 | | No Comments

Influencer marketing began life as a secret weapon. Then it became a trend and even a hype, and was perceived as such by some marketing companies. But what about now?

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Intelligent website personalization

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10 April 2018 | | No Comments

Personalized search results on Google, a customized Newsfeed on Facebook – people are used to web content being fine-tuned to reflect their desires and interests, and they also expect this from the brands that they interact with.

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12 März 2018 | | No Comments

UDG United Digital Group received a gold award at the iF DESIGN AWARD competition for the campaign it produced for Porsche titled “The exceptional. 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series.”

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A new attitude for performance marketing

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22 Februar 2018 | | No Comments

Performance marketing is seen as an effective tool for generating sales, but not for much else. It’s time to look at it differently.

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How the digital assistant market is developing

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9 Februar 2018 | | No Comments

The digital assistant market is going down the same development path as mobile operating systems. Out of an array of providers, only two competitors – iOS and Android – managed to sustain their position and dominate that market.

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Brand Experience + Trust Monitor 2017

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22 Januar 2018 | | No Comments

Which brands do the Germans trust? The “Brand Experience + Trust Monitor 2017” conducted by Sasserath Munzinger Plus and UDG United Digital Group examines that question.

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