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How the digital assistant market is developing

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9 February 2018 | | No Comments

The digital assistant market is going down the same development path as mobile operating systems. Out of an array of providers, only two competitors – iOS and Android – managed to sustain their position and dominate that market.

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Brand Experience + Trust Monitor 2017

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22 January 2018 | | No Comments

Which brands do the Germans trust? The “Brand Experience + Trust Monitor 2017” conducted by Sasserath Munzinger Plus and UDG United Digital Group examines that question.

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SEO for Amazon

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3 January 2018 | | No Comments

Good rankings are the key to success on Amazon. This is because people only buy products they can see.

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Porsche #GTSroadtrip to Sicily

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11 December 2017 | | No Comments

Four people who don’t know each other yet travel through Sicily for five days in the Porsche 718 GTS. The only condition: They have to document their journey exclusively on social media.

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Why personalization is not a question of technology

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7 December 2017 | | No Comments

Personalization – isn’t that technology’s job? Unfortunately, expectations like this are misconceptions.

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How ZEISS plans to use chatbots

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30 November 2017 | | No Comments

Many are calling chatbots the next big thing in customer communication. Digital Communications Consultant Uwe Grunewald explains how the tech company ZEISS is facing up to the challenge.

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Viewing returns as an opportunity

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6 November 2017 | | No Comments

Returns have a bad image among retailers: ultimately, they’re a margin killer. But the opportunities they present for customer retention are often neglected.

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Try a Mattress and get a Free Pillow

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24 October 2017 | | No Comments

TEMPUR, a mattress partner of Dreams, runs an annual challenge offering a free TEMPUR travel pillow to customers if they go in to a partner store and try out a TEMPUR mattress. To promote this offer, UDG United Digital Group partnered with Money Saving Expert and the results were exceptional.

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Influencer marketing for HUAWEI

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13 October 2017 | | No Comments

One of the tools that the smartphone manufacturer HUAWEI uses for communications for its flagship P10 smartphone in Germany is influencer marketing.

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Experience without borders

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27 September 2017 | | No Comments

In order to provide a successful user experience, companies have to face up to two challenges: People use a multitude of devices – and they also use classic media such as the TV at the same time.

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