Maximizing sales through conversion rate optimization (CRO)

PIA UDG - Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Our conversion excellence approach.

With our CRO expertise, we create an excellent user experience and thereby win website visitors as business partners, brand ambassadors and loyal customers - but, we make user experience measurable with concrete key indicators!

Our workflow combines heuristics with empirics: Proven best-in-class UX strategies, adapted to the specific market and customer requirements, combined with data-based journey and funnel analyses, validated by testing, enable a sustainable improvement in the conversion rate for all traffic channels.

The value of each individual visit grows - and so increases your revenue.


PIA UDG is a Google Partner and is awarded with the "Conversion Optimization Certificate"

With this valuable certificate, Google confirms our expertise in the areas of User Experience (UX) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Google only awards this certification to selected partners who are recognized as suitable in a multi-stage application process and through the submission of verified reference projects. The "Google Marketing Platform Certified" partner badge indicates our ability to improve the interaction between users and digital platforms through sustainable strategies and targeted actions. The goal for our clients is not only to increase user-friendliness and engagement, but also to boost concrete activities such as purchases, registrations or downloads more effectively.

Our proven expertise in the analysis of user behavior, the design of intuitive user interfaces and the implementation of solutions is the qualitative basis for measurable improvements in the performance of your digital products.

Google Marketing Platform Certified

Following an analysis and redesign of the checkout funnel at our customer Erwin Müller, uplifts of up to 4% in the order rate (average order value) in the online store were identified as part of test monitoring. In addition, an increase in the commercial value of each visit by several cents (revenue per visit) was demonstrated as part of the multi-variant tests carried out.

Frank Eisensehr

A good user experience is crucial for success in digital marketing!

PIA UDG - CRO Services - Our Conversion Excellence Approach

Making data-driven user experience measurable

User experience should not be left to random chance, it should be strategically integrated into the company.

We translate UX into concrete figures

With our Experience KPI Framework, we look at relevant metrics and optimize them sustainably. At the start of the project, we carry out a baseline measurement, which serves as the basis for further performance measurement.

UX success metrics:
Our KPI Framework

Commercial KPIs

  • Transaction Volumes

  • Revenue (Overall, Channel Split)

  • Average Order Value

  • Revenue per Visit

  • Customer Acquisition Costs

  • Average Margin

Engagement KPIs

  • Page Visit Goals

  • Downloads & Video Playbacks

  • Cookie Consent Conversion

  • Internal Search

  • Link & Button Clicks

  • Newsletter Subscriptions

  • Lead & Contact Forms

Experience KPIs

  • Accessibility (WCAG)

  • Time on Site

  • Average Visited Pages

  • Bounce Rate

  • Scroll Depth

  • Frustration Signals (Rage Clicks, ...)

Technical KPIs

  • Google Core Web Vitals

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

  • Interaction to Next Paint (INP)

  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

  • Google PageSpeed Insights

  • Lighthouse Reports (Tech.)

  • Green Coding Development

Systematic approach: From target definition to validation and implementation

Step 1:
Scoping & Targeting

Together, we define the most important KPIs, formulate targets and ensure that these can also be measured. In this context, we evaluate the necessary processes and tools.

Step 2:
Auditing & Ideation

Our team of experts review the customer journey (CX) using qualitative and quantitative criteria. The results are summarized in a prioritized list of measures and translated into test ideas.

Step 3:
Concept & Testing

Testing ideas are formulated into concrete test hypotheses according to the principle of "if, then, because..." and validated using A/B/n or multivariate testing. Our recommendation: No go-live without testing and valid results!

Step 4:
Roll-Out & Monitoring

Evaluation of the test results and roll-out of the winning variants on the live environment. Start of the next analysis & testing cycle. If necessary, implementation of further optimizations for sustainable KPI uplifts.

Clients who appreciate our CRO expertise

After a detailed analysis and then redesign of the cookie consent layer, we were able to demonstrate an increase in the consent rate of over 26% (engagement uplift) for one of our clients in the financial sector as part of a testing process. This enables our client to manage advertising budgets across all online channels in a much more targeted and efficient way in future and to optimize the costs of acquiring new customers (customer acquisition costs).

Philip Rusnak

Conversion Rate Optimization Solutions

With an analytical focus on future technology and market developments, we evaluate innovations and continuously improve the portfolio of best-of-breed solutions for our Conversion Rate Optimization Services. Of course, we also work with our clients' already integrated, individual solutions and offer advice for an optimal technology and tool environment.