We are PIA UDG.

We focus on people – regarding our clients, the users, and ourselves.

There are a number of things that connect us – beyond being passionate about our work. If you can relate, great! If not, thank you for your time.

Own your job and get it done.

The blank piece of paper? Don't be afraid, be bold. Could've, should've, would've never got anyone far. We're professionals and bring ideas to life. And if one of us reaches a dead end, we find a way to steer each other in the right direction again. With effective methods, lots of team spirit and excellent coffee.

Lead by example.

But he … no, he didn’t. We don’t shy away from responsibility. We stand by our actions and our decisions. Because this is our agency. And this is our way of life.

UDG values: Take decisions

Take decisions (a lot).

Feint right and exit left? It’s up to you. We’re digital and that means we need to be fast and decide fast. And we expect that from everyone on our team. No matter if you’re a junior or the coach.

Come as you are.

Creative solutions come from diverse teams. We thrive on the diversity of our employees, and support them just as they are.

Come as you are
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There's nothing to it? Show us what you can do!

Take the initiative. We might be waiting for you and just don't know it yet.

Give it a shot

Got questions? We have the answers!

Victoria Schneemann
Human Relations Manager Recruiting

M jobs@udg.de

Victoria Schneemann
UDG Location Hamburg

Born to be Moin. Hamburg.

The Kaiserspeicher in Altona was historically known as a place where freshly caught fish were cut-up before going to market. Today we're cutting-up fresh ideas overlooking the Elbe. Some days are sunny, and some days have strong winds but our creativity and freshness never waver.

Interior at the Herrenberg location

In the middle of the action while always being in first place. Herrenberg.

One of Baden-Württemberg's most beautiful half-timbered cities is located in Schönbuch, right on the intersection of the Black Forest and Stuttgart. It sounds romantic, right? But it's much more. Because a new wind is blowing full of fresh code and creative ideas.

Interior at the Ludwigsburg location

Like a start-up. Only different. Ludwigsburg.

In the court of the baroque kings of Ludwigsburg, parties were raucous, the latest ideas were discussed, and you could always take a moment to stroll in contemplation through the lush gardens. That's what we're like. 220 colleagues from 19 nations work non-stop on the latest digital ideas, spreading creativity across this historic site. Party hard, swap cool ideas, beautiful gardens ... they're all in Lubu.

Interior at the Karlsruhe location

Explosive minds. Karlsruhe.

If you step into our offices, located near the main railway station and the city park, you will always see flashes of digital high technology. Powered by a nourishing team breakfast or a side trip to the Christmas market, the newest ideas are formed in the explosive minds of our developers and tech specialists.

Interior at the Mainz location

An island of talent in the middle of the Rhine. Mainz.

Cigarettes, ladies' hats and underwear were once produced here. Today it runs like a digital clock. 125 colleagues sharing a roof terrace, a foosball table, and a refrigerator full of cola in the old barrel warehouse at the customs port in the middle of the Rhine. What's most important for us at the end of a job well done is three rousing Helau's! Eh Klar?

From n00b to l33t
In over 50 disciplines

We help you get ahead. Not just with a chance to work on challenging projects for some of the biggest brands in the world, but also with personalized advanced training programmes. PIA UDG already has over 50 specialized academy programmes; from order initiation to target discussion, colleagues and trainers will teach you the most important skills for your personal success on the job.

Woman sticking sticky notes to a glass pane
Picture frame with picture of a plush bunny

Be a part instead of standing beside!

On Instagram our team shows you how and what we work on, who we are and what drives us. Drop by and get to know us – we are looking forward to seeing you.