Tree Planting 2023

Author: | Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2023
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Just Do It! Sustainability Made Simple.

A project demonstrating that sustainability doesn't have to be complex.

With the right idea and a bit of initiative, everyone can pragmatically contribute to environmental protection. This is – once again – the insight from our planting action in the Kraichgau region with the non-profit organisation Action Tree.

What we needed in autumn 2023 as PIA UDG was surprisingly straightforward (weather aside):

  • A few spades and bulb planters

  • Hundreds of Atlas cedar saplings from Serbia, ready for their new home

  • A dedicated forester who knows his craft

  • About 20 motivated employees, including management, ready to lend a hand

  • A collaboration with the non-profit organisation Action Tree

  • A castle owner interested in reforesting his woods

  • Good weather and high spirits among the participants

  • Top-notch catering to provide the necessary energy

Away from the Digital Routine

Planting trees with Action Tree: A welcome change from the office routine, something everyone had been looking forward to for a long time. Since the announcement "Trees instead of gifts" in December 2022, a lot of time had passed: Due to climatic conditions, the planting had to be postponed to autumn 2023.

But waiting was worth it. A nearly rain-free and partly sunny autumn day in the Kraichgau offered the perfect setting for our project. A short breakfast in the manor house at Neuhaus Castle, gather and head cheerfully towards the forest. First, inspect the plantings from 2022, then listen and marvel at the forester: All's well! Small, robust junior trees have grown and now cover a not-so-small wooded area – thanks to the good care of the forestry team!

Then on to our actual task nearby. Together, and with a lot of fun, we planted countless Atlas cedar saplings from Serbia into the ground. Measure, align, dig the planting hole, introduce the sapling, cover, repeat. A good feeling, as this tree species, being planted in this forest for the first time, will be much better at resisting the effects of climate change in the future!

What Remains...

The day was different. Offline, rolled-up sleeves, funny, and educational. We met again, got to know each other, and created something together. Without computers – a beautiful experience that remains.

And... We also take away many valuable insights, for example about

  • The importance of oaks as pillars of the forest and their careful maintenance

  • The impact of global warming on pests like the bark beetle

  • Effective protective measures for young trees

The initiative goes on. Within the PIA Group regarding sustainability, with Action Tree in reforesting German forests, and also with a forest research project by the Julius Kühne Institute under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Henrik Hartmann, which is supported by Action Tree.

We will report on this in due course because in this case, it's about bridging "Offline" with "Digital." And that's something we're quite familiar with!

A big thank you finally to everyone involved, especially to forester Jan Kaufmann, Schloss Neuhaus for the Premises and the delicious food, as well as to Aktion Baum for their tireless effort and commitment!

That's right up our alley! It's all about sustainability. We at PIA UDG are on a mission to go greener.

Mathias Reinhardt,

Managing Partner


"Aktion Baum e. V."

"Aktion Baum" is a non-profit organization dedicated to planting mixed forests to promote natural growth and biodiversity. This is the most sustainable way to create more habitats for people, animals, and plants in one place. Their projects are based on the latest scientific findings and are realigned if new research significantly changes our understanding. The organization's goal is to make a valuable contribution to combating climate change and to create a greener future step by step!

Together for a good cause!

Victoria Schneemann

Human Relations Manager Recruiting