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Let yourself be swept away by the new Porsche Macan!

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Author: Robert Wunsch | Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2018
Category: User Experience

Music as the expression of your own individual lifestyle

Always on the move. The pulse sets the pace. The first chord makes the earth shake. The sound penetrates every fiber of your body. It’s the very feeling of being alive and the fullest expression of an unconventional lifestyle. Two great artists bring the users along for a ride in their world. Their companion – the new Porsche Macan.

With the integrated digital campaign “The new Macan. Thrill seeker” UDG United Digital Group stages the SUV as the must-have companion for an urban lifestyle, but also as a place of retreat for moments of absolute concentration and focus on individual needs. The campaign aims at activating the younger target group between the ages of 27–35 on the relevant channels to generate attention for the new Macan there. Porsche’s owned social media channels, with their specially produced content, will be flanked by influencer posts on their respective channels such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter and supported by paid measures on Spotify and Instagram. Further traffic for the landing page can also be expected from the mandatory, but now newly designed video teaser module on the model series page.

DJs Peggy Gou and Bakermat will be the faces of the campaign and will share their personal experiences with the Macan with their followers. Videos will feature the DJs driving in a Porsche Macan, providing insights into their dynamic lifestyle, their way of thinking and their personal motivation. Shots from inside the vehicle intensify the intimate atmosphere.

The web special draws directly on the idea of music as an expression of an individual lifestyle –  based on their individual music taste, users can find out which lifestyle suits them best in a playful and ironic fashion. To do this, they can either have their Spotify account rated on the campaign website or enter their preferences manually. Afterward they receive a description, a personal Macan configuration and a Spotify playlist with curated song suggestions. The customer journey is rounded off by links to the configurator, where their individual configuration has already been stored, the model pages, and the artists’ social media channels.

The global campaign, which will be kicked off simultaneously with the market launch of the new Macan S and run internationally under the #choosethrilling hashtag, sees Porsche presenting itself as an urban lifestyle brand with a captivating wow factor. And that’s exactly what Macan immediately conveys.

UDG United Digital Group is responsible for the concept, design and implementation of the campaign.