UDG London Host 2015 T.M.Lewin Affiliate Day

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Author: Jules Bazley | Montag, 16. Februar 2015
Category: Performance

“UDG create an open forum for key publishers and technology partners to actively build on strategic relationships with TM Lewin”

UDG are no strangers to creating innovative industry events that are designed to forge long standing relationships across the industry.
Having recently adopted the TM Lewin affiliate program and now launched on 7 networks across 5 regions globally, 2015 is set to be a year of extraordinary performance for the brand.
Affiliate marketing is a key part of the TM Lewin marketing mix and effectively growing the channel is a key part of their 2015 strategy.
Working closely with TM Lewin, who are due to launch their Spring/Summer range very soon; a fully packed day was designed to not only introduce plans and ranges to key partners, but also build relationships with a wide range of top performing publishers and technology partners to plan the year ahead.

Overall objectives included:

  • Introducing the new TM Lewin Team to key publishers across the industry

  • Educating and engaging affiliates on the TM Lewin 2015 brand goals

  • Brainstorming new ideas and opportunities for growth

  • Forge integrated relationships with key partners

  • Develop a plan for 2015 between key partners and the brand

TM Lewin took the opportunity to share their 2015 plans with publishers and gave valuable insights in to the Spring/Summer ranges that will soon be available to promote.

Similarly, publishers were actively encouraged to share ideas of how best to strategically optimise and grow the TM Lewin partnership with themselves, whilst also sharing the learning’s from 2014.
“At UDG we proactively work with brands and publishers to create long standing and mutually beneficial relationships that can flourish over time and substantially increase performance for everyone involved” says Jacob Jeffery, Key Account Manager, UDG London.

“Enabling clients to get the best possible results from their performance marketing channels is a key part of how we add value to the brands that we work with. The TM Lewin affiliate day was designed not only to personally introduce the brand to key players in the industry, but also substantially increase the engagement with these partners to maximise the potential that they have working together”.



The day delivered above and beyond expectations with all parties being able to brainstorm ideas and concepts, many of which will be integrated in to the promotional plans in the future.

What Publishers Are Saying

“Attending the TM Lewin affiliate day not only provided us with the opportunity to meet with client directly to discuss opportunities, but also to understand and become engaged with the brands future goals. Working together I believe 2015 can produce fantastic results for TopCashback and TM Lewin.” Charlie Hannibal, Partnerships Manager, Top Cash Back.


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