Why success is not a game of chance.

Our vision

The world is digital. Interactions between consumers and brands have to be authentic, part of a dialogue, interconnected and take place in real time.


This type of brand management surmounts the boundaries between different channels of communication, services and products.


A new type of agency is needed to meet these challenges and secure our position for the future.


In 2011 the partners of our newly established agency decided to work together under the auspices of the United Digital Group. They recognised that customers increasingly needed an agency that could manage the constantly growing number of touchpoints in a comprehensive, brand consistent, innovative and efficient manner.


Today we help companies to successfully manage this digital pressure for innovation by digitalising their processes and customer relations. On a small or large scale, our approach is always intelligent and performance-oriented.

For smart brands in a digital world.

We develop digitalisation strategies for brands, implement unique brand experiences and bring these to measurable success.

What makes us unique.

Our diversity makes us unique. Our expertise covers all areas of digital marketing. What unites us? Our strive for excellence. And today, this can only be achieved when teams from differing disciplines come together to passionately put their mark on a project.

We bring together the expertise of different agency models.


The strategic experience and brand understanding of a lead agency.



The creative and technical touchpoint excellence of a specialist agency.



The analytical skill of a performance marketing agency.


How we work

We are constantly asking ourselves the following question: with which objectives and via which touchpoints do which target customers come into contact with a brand? Which brand values are particularly attractive to target customers? Which business targets are being pursued with this touchpoint? And how successful is an existing touchpoint?

Only those who really understand can plan, design and optimise excellent solutions – high tech, creative, true to the brand image, relevant and performance-oriented.
That is why we follow a three-tiered cycle in everything we do:


What we value

A face-to-face meeting says more than a thousand emails. That is why we are close to our customers. We have offices all over Germany. For our international customers we maintain offices in the UK and Switzerland. Our teams are also agile and ensure that our customers can draw upon services from our whole portfolio from any office at any time.




Learn more about each of our offices under Contact

What drives us

Is our success. For our approach is more than empty talk. We are goal and result-oriented in our work. We’re happy to show you the proof.



In 2013, UDG was ranked first in German internet agencies.



million EUR turnover

In 2013, UDG achieved a total turnover of around EUR 100 million.




UDG employs 650 people.

The Management

The management of UDG United Digital Group is made up of a Chief Executive Officer.

Marcus H. Starke
Chief Executive Officer



We have a strong partner on our side in financial investor EQT. EQT manages a leading private equity fund with investments in northern and eastern Europe, as well as in Asia and the USA. The fund invests in internet-based companies, among others. UDG was founded in 2011 with the help of EQT. Since then, EQT has provided us with strategic support, and also with support through its network of industry experts. By investing in UDG, EQT emphasised its confidence not only in the agency but also in the future of the sector.

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Christoph Burbes

Christoph Burbes

Executive Director Corporate Communications


T +49 171 173 52 87

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