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Jörg Heidrich

Customers are shifting from being guided by touchpoints to being guided by needs. In other words, information, services and products need to incorporate customers’ needs and habits if brands want to achieve long-term success. In so doing, offerings must be coherently designed across the constantly increasing number of contact options. Responsible customers decide when and what they want to use on a particular medium. Companies need to adapt to this variety and take a look at their own offerings through the eyes of their customers.

We are currently in the ‘Age of Assistance’ – algorithms combined with digital sensors and devices help to support people’s lives and change them permanently.

A hot topic here is complementing reality with digital formats. Augmented and virtual reality in particular can and will permanently change digital interactions as soon as the two technologies leave the playground. We are already working with our customers on prototype technologies that will become part of everyday life in future.

Strategic digital consultation, analysis and modelling of customer requests and experiences are the starting points for us to design and optimise digital touchpoints along the entire journey. In this process, we use design thinking methods in which ideas are formulated and prototypes are created in very intense interdisciplinary teams. During the implementation phase, we use agile processes to develop a user centred design in which our actions depend on the customer’s experience, capacity and requirements. Yet at the core of all our work, we adopt the Track – Think – Make… and Track again method.

We love solving problems. So it is ideal when we can move past the games and work with our customers to create genuine added value for them through verifiably better targeting for their customers.


Victoria Schneemann

Human Relations Manager Recruiting