Porsche #GTSroadtrip to Sicily

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Four adventurers, one goal

Four people who don’t know each other yet travel through Sicily for five days in the Porsche 718 GTS. The only condition: They have to document their journey exclusively on social media. The goal of the campaign that UDG United Digital Group conceptualized and realized for Porsche was to draw attention to the 718 GST and position the sports car as a symbol of pure driving pleasure.

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Taking part in the road trip at the start of November were the two influencers and filmmakers Tobi Schnorpfeil and Luke from CarsWithLuke as well as Porsche fans Lina and Dustin. The two fans – Lina herself is a travel blogger – applied with a 30-second-long video in which they made persuasive arguments for why they should be on the trip to Sicily too. In October, they were chosen from hundreds of applicants, primarily from the GTS community, where Porsche GTS drivers share information about routes that are the most fun to drive.


The four of them were not just the protagonists of the road trip – Tobi and Luke also produced content for their YouTube and Instagram channels, which Porsche also shared on its own channels. This created a new, authentic style of imagery and narration.


The images were of nature and landscapes, snapshots and encounters on the way, views and, of course, the 718 GTS that took them on the journey. The campaign hub on Porsche.com played a special role, where all of the social media channels came together, with the addition of further information. This let the user experience the #GTSroadtrip as a whole from different perspectives.


The campaign’s target group was activated on Porsche’s Facebook page – which has more than eleven million fans – on the Porsche.com website and in the newsletter. Story ads were also run on Instagram worldwide, which encouraged users to experience the road trip with the protagonists. The team published a number of posts and stories on Instagram every day of the journey. Targeting and custom audiences ensured that the content reached the main postmodern target group between the ages of 35 and 44.


The results were impressive: Each Instagram story achieved views in seven-digit figures, while Facebook posts were able to generate an organic reach and impressions in the mid-six-digit range per post.

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